10 Different Ways to Extend Your House

Extending your house helps you to not only increase the space in your house but also add value to it. It allows your family to enjoy the added space with a bit more freedom than having to feel too cramped. Families with more members often find it to be the best solution in order to gain an extra room for their home.

You can tend to your interior needs while also making it easier and worthy to be sold or rented out when needed. It gives you a chance to upgrade your lifestyle and continue living in the same house without having to worry about shifting to a new one.

House extension can be done in various ways with creative ideas that are discussed alongside experts in order to receive the best and functional results out of the space. Here are some great extension ideas you can consider for your house.

Rear Extension

This is one out of the many popular and preferred ways to create an extension for houses. This extension is carried out on the rear side of your house and often includes the area from your backyard. The rear extension is easier to construct on single-story properties compared to double-story ones.

Roof Extension

When it comes to adding height as well as space to your house, roof extensions are the best way to go. If you’re on the lookout for extension based on roofing Melbourne has some great construction experts. This provides you with space to build an extra bedroom and bathroom or maybe even a simple loft.

Orangery Extension

An orangery extension is practically a normal form of extension done in the house; however, it consists of certain conservatory touches. The best one done is those with a rich amount of natural lighting present in them. They are often cheap and easy to construct.

Side Extension

This specific extension can be constructed mostly in single-story houses and is often extended by a passageway or unused terrace. However, in today’s houses conducting side house extensions aren’t as easy or preferred by owners due to the modern interior layout.

Around the House Extension

Commonly known as a wraparound extension or an L-shaped extension, it adds space in terms of width as well as depth to the house on two sides, most often the rear and side. Unless made use of wisely, this space can create a sense of emptiness.

Two-Story Extension

Also known as a double-height extension, a two-story extension can give you twice the space you already have. This construction method is known to add to the size of your house while giving you ample living space.

Front Extension

The front extension is constructed by either extending your frontal property area or turning the space of your porch into an interior living space connected to your living room. It helps create a sense of character and if built right, provides plenty of natural light.

Having your house extended is known to be considered a long-term benefit.