Essential Roof Maintenance Tasks for Homeowners

The roof is a critical component of your building envelope and there are certain maintenance tasks that you have to carry out as a homeowner to ensure its continued functionality. When you neglect roof maintenance, there are many issues that can arise such as structural damage, leaks, water damage, mould growth etc.

You can also schedule a professional company specialising in restorations and roofing Melbourne to carry out any major repairs. A crucial step in roof maintenance is inspections. You have to examine the roof regularly so that you can spot potential issues before they become bigger issues. There are some signs you can look for such as shingles that are cracked or missing, warped or broken tiles, missing tiles or areas on the roof with moss or algae growth. You can essentially carry out an inspection once in six months. But if you have experienced a severe weather event such as a storm, it is best to inspect the roof when it is safe to do so. As general maintenance, inspection can be in the spring and fall so that you will be able to notice any issues that arise as a result of changing weather.

There should be proper water drainage

And for this you need to have gutters that are clear of any debris. If the gutters are clogged, water will overflow and this can damage the siding, roof and foundation. You have to clean the gutter regularly and remove any leaves or debris from it so that rainwater can flow freely. To prevent regular clogs, you need to trip any branches close to the roof. You can also have a mesh covering to protect the gutters so that large debris doesn’t fall in. Overhanging branches can also be damaging to the roof especially during a storm or strong winds. If there are branches that are scraping against the roof, these needs to be trimmed back so that they don’t damage the shingles and other components.

Moss and algae can take away from the aesthetics of your roof and it can also affect the integrity.

This is because moisture will be trapped by these organisms and this will damage the roof materials. You can use a moss killer for this. There are homemade solutions you can use such as a combination of mild detergent and water. You need to be gentle when cleaning the roof so that you don’t damage the shingles accidentally. The flashing around roof features like the vents, skylights and chimneys have to be inspected. With time, there can be signs of damage or rust. You need to make sure that these issues are rectified immediately so that a watertight seal around features can be maintained to prevent leaks. Attic ventilation is another maintenance task you have to consider. If there is improper ventilation, heat and moisture can built up which can damage the shingles. You have to remove any obstructions from the attic vents. If ventilation is not sufficient, you can install additional soffit or ridge vents so that better airflow is promoted.