The #1 alternative to floating flooring types – and its benefits

There’s no doubt that the flooring industry was changed upside down when both vinyl and laminate floors were invented. The floating system that was free from the use of adhesives truly changed the game. Then came the hybrid flooring and it was even revolutionary. However, all the disadvantages of these methods just cannot be disregarded. Especially when there are solutions that do not have those problems.

Concreting has always been there fulfilling various types of needs. When the floating flooring systems were invading the industry, concreting based floors held their ground. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they were better than the floating floors. In this list, we will find out all the special benefits you get with concreting your floors.

No use of adhesives – but no clicking either

If you were to pick tiles to do your floors, the subfloor preparation followed with the right type of adhesives is always going to be a challenge. And there are so many complications as to why the adhesives are unwise. Although laminate, vinyl, and hybrid flooring may not require adhesives, it requires an adhesive mechanism.

This in turn can be a little bit less strong as a group of planks. Concreting on the other hand doesn’t require any of that. Season the surface with the right type of coating or sealant and it’s a done deal.

Go colorful

There is this dull image That comes to our minds when we mention concreting our floors; it’s that monotonous grey tone that is widely seen in all sorts of applications. Unlike in the past, this problem is now resolved for good. The secret behind this improvement is Colour Systems. By utilizing colorful pigments of different colors and patterns, you can decorate these types of floors in quite an attractive way without diminishing the overall strength.

Thus, if it was the lack of colors that refrained you from concreting your floors, you should know that this problem no longer exists. It’s a matter of choosing the right service provider.

Limitless weight handling

When look-alike vinyl or laminate flooring planks were used instead of hardwood floors, it took away the weight handling factor that only seasoned hardwood possesses. But this complication is not there at all when you’re concreting your floors. Being one of the strongest materials used against stress forces, weight handling is never going to be a problem. The bottom line is that no floating floor solution could provide you the characteristic strength capacity that concreting based floors could deliver.

Ridiculously cheap

In comparison to vinyl and laminate flooring’s hybrid floorings tend to be much more expensive. This is since hybrid flooring is an amalgam of all the pros of vinyl and laminate flooring. Concreting the floors on the other hand are based on a mixture. The overall cost depends on the mixture and everything that is into it. Given how cost-effective cement and other required materials are, it is needless to say that concreting is always going to be quite cheaper as an initial expense and in the form of maintenance as well.