Evaluating the Quality of Furniture

Shopping for furniture can take some time and you need to consider a few factors to gauge the quality of furniture. Furniture can have a high price usually so you need to think of this as a significant investment and spend some time going through different stores and their products.

It can be a little difficult to get an idea of the quality of furniture without some background knowledge. And if you are searching for furniture pieces online, it can be even more difficult. Even if you are shopping in online furniture stores Gold Coast you need to check if they have a physical store so that you can check out the furniture pieces you like to see what their actual weight and appearance is. Sometimes there can be subtle colour differences when it comes to the photos posted on the website. Something that you need to check when selecting furniture is the strength of the furniture. A piece of furniture generally has to be sturdy so that it stays in one place without getting knocked over by the slightest wind. Also, a furniture item has to be level. For example, if you are buying a table, you need to check if all the legs are at the same level so that the table doesn’t wobble. If you are looking for furniture you can sit or lie down on like a chair, sofa or bed, you need to sit or lie down on it to see whether there is any creaking, wobbling or general discomfort.

The durability of furniture depends largely on its material properties and construction. Many people tend to select wooden furniture as it has the impression of sturdiness and weight. But not every wooden piece of furniture has the same quality. Some will be made of cheap wood that will not last and some will not be treated properly. How the furniture is joined is also an important factor. Also, some items that you may think is solid wood may not be that at all. There are many other materials that look similar to wood such as particle board, laminate and other composite materials. While these give you the option of a low cost furniture piece that has the warmth and classic beauty of wood, durability and weight will not be the same as wood. So you have to be aware of the material that the furniture item is made of along with the coatings applied on it.

Cheaply constructed furniture will often be glued, have staples or finishing nails. You will know that it is a superior product when the construction has dowelled, dovetail, mortise joints. Even furniture put together by nails can be made well. You can have the nails hidden from view so that it doesn’t interfere with the appearance of wood. If there are drawers in the furniture piece, check if they are smooth gliding and easy to use. Soft close drawers are also a good feature. Having some weight to the furniture is a good thing unless you are looking for lightweight items that can be moved easily.