Factors to Consider Before Renovating Your Laundry

If you’re contemplating the renovation of your laundry, there are some ideas that you can use for a successful revamp. It could be that you’re spending too much time inside looking for items or it is harder to work inside given the small size. The efficiency of the layout is very important when you want to quickly accomplish the task.

Plan Your Line of Action

You have to think about the specifics and jot them down on a notebook. You have to think about what appliances will go into the laundry and what the lighting and plumbing are going to be like. A washer dryer unit will be one of the main appliances of the room. You can also have a second refrigerator if you are running out of cold storage in the kitchen. Lighting could be decorative or just the bare minimum. You need to know what your limitations are in budget laundry renovations. A very useful item you can put here is a utility sink. You have to think about these things beforehand so that your renovator knows the scope for the plumbing and power.

Understand the Work Flow

You have to visualize in your mind how you are doing the laundry from the start to the finish. There are a lot of steps that you have to take and you have to figure out the sequence for these. You have to sort out your clothes first. This will call for a set of laundry baskets that allow for different kinds of sorting. There are detergents you need to put and once the laundry is dry, you have to iron or steam and finally fold the clothes. You have to think about where you’re putting the ironing board. This can even be a wall hung unit or a unit that is tucked away in a drawer. Drying racks are another item where you need to locate carefully. You have to keep the drying racks and the utility sink near a window or a vent so that moisture can be removed easily.

Maximizing Available Space

In most houses, the laundry room can be a very small space. So you need to think about what you can put in there to make your work more efficient. Cramming it full of things will cut off the circulation of the space. You can invest in pull outs and drawer mechanisms to get full use of the laundry. Pull out drying racks can come out only when required. The same can be done with the ironing board. There are space saving accessories that can help you fit everything you need inside. If you are in possession of a large laundry room, you can take advantage of it by making it a multi-use space. You can add an arts and crafts area for the kids and since this is the laundry room, it will be easier to clean up messes as well. You can also have a workspace or an art studio. The laundry can be designed in such a way that every element can be closed in and covered so that it can look like a line of cupboards when not in use.