Interior 101 – Luxury Bathroom Must Haves

When it comes to designing the perfect bathroom interior, it was once given very little priority too. Overtime, the importance of it was emphasized thus allowing people to create the perfect ambience in their personal little spa-like space.

Having a luxury and beautiful bathroom makes the perfect in-home escape space for some alone time. Bathrooms are an equally important part of your house compared to the rest;therefore, it is important to ensure all the necessary interior essentials are present to make it whole and complete. Here are a few interiors must haves when it comes to creating a lush bathroom setting at your home.

Mini Chandelier

Also considered as a pendant, you can make the mini chandelier as the statement piece of your bathroom. This can make your bathroom space feel grander and luxurious. It is however important that the chandelier you choose is in fact mini and not an over bearing size as that would be absurd!

A Rich Bathtub

Nothing screams fancy that s free-standing bath-tub that allows you to take a break and relax after long days of work. Adding in little bathtub accessories and increase the beauty of it, thus taking the interior up a notch through means of decoration. If you’re on the lookout for concrete styled bathtubs, you can buy top quality concrete baths in Australia.

The Vanity Set

A bathroom is incomplete without a vanity set! Choosing a character piece of vanity can help uplift your bathroom’s luxury look, while also serving its purpose. You can opt for a rustic looking one, modern looking one or even a contemporary looking one to fit your bathroom’s overall design. It’s a crucial part of every bathroom and therefore, needs to be done right!

Unique Shower Stall

With glass shower stalls being in these days, you can customize the design as you see fit, thus making it unique and stunning all the same. The interior of the shower stall can be altered to make it the focal point of your bathroom if need be. You can even choose a more traditional or modern shower fixture to add in.

Layered Lighting

When it comes to creating a luxury vibe and bringing in the right ambience on all corners of your bathroom, layered lighting is the way to go. Not only does it define every structure of your bathroom, making them stand out altogether, but they also lighten up the area and add a sense of spaciousness to the room. It’s the perfect puzzle to every luscious looking bathroom.

Built-in Storage

Alongside looking luxury, a bathroom should be functional in every aspect. The perfect way to nail them both is by opting for a built-in storage system that helps you store all the bathroom necessities, making it easier to access and much more convenient in terms of space and structure.

A few other must haves when it comes luxury bathroom interiors are the tiles and slabs you choose for the floors and walls. You can also add in hints of nature if need be!