Plant Mom 101 – A List of Must Have Items

Taking up planting as a hobby is not only fun but rather it is also rewarding. Just like any living things plants too need proper care and attention in order for it grow in its best form and bloom beautifully. Keeping up with your plants can sometimes be a challenging task, especially if you’re one with a busy day to day schedule, however, it isn’t an impossible one!

In order to make being a plant mom an easy responsibility and a fulfilling one, there are a couple of gardening things that you simply cannot go without starting from items that help you with the gardening process to ones that accessorize it. In this article we have listed a few must have items for all plant moms out there.

Artistic pots and trays

Whether you want to begin your planting journey or are looking to enhance and expand it, you’re going to need a great variety of pots and trays in order to give your plants a beautiful home to spread their roots in. These pots need to come in different shapes and sizes depending on the plants.

The best part is that you don’t have to keep your pots plain and boring, rather opting for pots with beautiful colours and design and maybe even pots with faces can help you keep the place looking more alive and pleasing to the eye!

A watering can

Often the amount of water needed for plants vary from one to another. While some need watering every day, others do not.  Feeding your plants with water accordingly is an important process of tending to it and having a watering comes in handy.

When it comes to watering cans too, you can purchase something more aesthetic looking to give your garden that extra touch. When it comes to getting your hands on the best watering can, always opt for a narrow spout. 

Gardening tools

The art of gardening is in your hands and the tools you use. From owning items such as pruners, trowels and forks to even shovels and wheel barrows if your garden is much bigger, they’re all beneficial to make your gardening experience the perfect one.

This because tools as such not only help you remove dried and dead leaves of the plants without damaging them, but they also making planting new ones easier, especially when it comes to digging the dirt. Don’t forget your gardening gloves too!

Decorative elements

There’s no better way to give you garden a stunning over all look and by adding to the plant’s beauty with the help of garden accessories such as Zen fountains, bird houses or even little artificial mushrooms! It makes your garden look more heavenly and even attracts the extended beauty of nature by calling in birds, butterflies, etc. You could even add lamps for a touch of ambience amongst the plants during the night.

What is the process of gardening that you enjoy the most? Let us know.