Reasons Why You Should Have Luxury Portable Toilets in Your Next Event

Portable toilets are commonly used for events especially when it is held outdoors and there are no accessible toilets for the guests nearby. Although portable toilets serve their purpose on hygiene and relieving the guests with their natural needs, sometimes it needs an extra touch of luxury to make your guests feel more comfortable and even make your event feel like a special one. If you still haven’t decided if you need to hire luxury portable toilets for your event, here are the reasons that could help convince you.

Extra Amenities

One great feature of luxury portable toilet blocks you hire for use are the extra amenities for your guests. They provide more than just a place to fulfill one’s toilet needs. Luxury portable toilets can have a sink where guests can wash their hands during the event to maintain hygiene. It has a soap dispenser with both hot and cold running water needed in washing. Toilets are flushable and a lot more spacious unlike regular portable toilets. Luxury portable toilets also have good lighting making it convenient to use even when it’s already dark.

More Comfort

Outdoor events are greatly affected by the weather outside. During summer, your guests might not want to go out into the portable toilet since it is too hot and uncomfortable on the way. The same thing goes during winter, when it is too cold to go out and your guests would just prefer to stay inside the venue even with the need of going to the toilet. A luxury portable toilet is great for all weather conditions. It has heating and air conditioning inside, depending on the weather outdoors. When the guests use the toilet, they’ll feel comfortable and get themselves more relaxed before going back into the event.


Another great feature of luxury portable toilets is their versatility in almost any kind of event. They could fit in any occasion, whether it is a wedding, birthday, galas, and other events. Luxury portable toilets have sleek and modern design that could fit in almost any type of venue and party you have. You can be sure that your guests will enjoy the event and stay comfortable all throughout the duration of the event.

Can Accommodate More

Lastly, luxury portable toilets can accommodate more guests than the regular portable potties. Although they are pricier than the regular alternatives, they can accommodate more guests at one time because of more units in one block. There will be no more long line of guests waiting for their turn to use the toilet when you have a luxury portable toilet trailer. Your guests would definitely have a positive experience in your event and would remember it for a long time.

With all those benefits you could get; luxury portable toilets are indeed a great addition to any outdoor event you’ll be hosting. Keep your guests clean and comfortable during the event by providing them with a good toilet for their needs.