Tips For Decorating Your First Home

There is something special about being able to decorate your own home. Whether it is your first apartment after moving out, starting your own family just after you’ve got married or moving away looking for a fresh start. The empty space standing in front of you is for your own use and there is no greater feeling than being able to design it how you want.

Each person has their own vibe and style they like to make the home some like the modern and sleek, others rustic and old and others the greener the better. Either way here are a few ways we think you can decorate your new home just the way you like it.

Fill the walls with colour

If you have rented a house or apartment then unless your landlord is fine with you painting walls you might not be able to but if it is your own place then wear an old t-shirt and get to painting. If you prefer a light filled room and whites or light colours consider painting one wall a different colour to throw in some colour and dimension, however if you like a groovy room pick a colour that fits your furniture. Having one wall that is different to the rest of the room adds an edgy look to the room.

Fixtures and furniture

If you are lucky your home might come furnished but if not filling your room with fixtures and fittings is your entire job. Depending on your still of course there are various places to find the right furniture. Ikea is great for minimalistic and light weigh furniture.

However antic shops are the best places to visit for old, rustic and furniture that tell a story. However, you fill also need the other everyday items. So, if you are looking for everyday homewares NZ has some of the best online stores. They provided a large variety of items that every household needs.


Every home needs some plants and even if you aren’t the biggest plant parent, we still think you should have a few indoor plants. The biggest pros of having indoor plants are of course the oxygen, while this is good for your health high levels of oxygen contribute to mood as it helps with blood circulation and keeps the body feeling healthy and happy. It has a calming effect on the eye and those surrounded by plants will tell you right away that it adds colour and cosy effect to a room.

Rugs and carpets

Fuzzy bedside rugs, funky patterned carpets and a slip proof carpet in your bathroom are all things that make your home personalized. Having rugs not only add to how your home looks but it is almost a necessity too. It traps heat during the cold climate, prevents dust and dirt from coming inside and it serves as a brilliant way to hide any stains that need to be covered up on the floor.