Tips for Every Swimming Pool Owner

A swimming pool is one of the places that need regular maintenance if it is to stay clean, safe and healthy. This is common for every owner, whether it is a public pool or a private pool. This is why, if your home also has a pool, you need to follow through the following tips.

Check the Water

The first step in ensuring that your pool is clean is to make sure the water is clean and safe to use. This is what you do when you check the chlorine levels. The pH of the water in a pool needs to be between 7.4 and 7.6. Adding the necessary chemicals such as chorine tablets, will help to maintain the right water quality; one that is safe and sanitised for people to take a dip. Check the water quality atleast once a weak in summer and once in every two weeks in winter.

Just like the quality of the water, the level of water also needs checking. A water level that is too high or too low can cause problems in the pump or the skimmer. Always make sure the water level is at halfway point of the skimmer.

Clean the Filters and Baskets

A pool filter is there to purify and keep the water clean. This needs to be cleaned to get rid of the debris and chemicals collected over time. Although this does not need checking as often as the water quality, it is better to check your filter after adverse weathers such as storms and heavy rains.

Apart from cleaning the filter, you also need to clean out the baskets and collection pots. This includes cleaning the hair and lint pot, skimmer baskets and debris catchers.  Ignoring their maintenance can lead to congested baskets with too much build-up. Keeping them clean will make sure that they work properly in future.

Skim and Scrub

Skimming the pool includes removing the leaves and other debris on the surface of the water. You can do this everyday in order to keep the water fresh and clean all the time. Scrubbing on the other hand includes cleaning the inside of the pool and not just the surface. You can Keeping them clean will make sure that they work properly in future. Although scrubbing doesn’t need to be as frequent as skimming, regular scrubbing can keep the algae away from your pool.

Get Professional Cleaners

While regular cleaning can keep your pool looking good, calling a professional service to clean and inspect the safety of the pool is also something that you need to do for better results. You can easily find a company who does swimming pool cleaning, pool repairing and remodelling and pool fence safety inspections in Melbourne. Cleaning and safety inspections will ensure that your pool is always safe and hygienic to be used and will prevent potential health hazards.

Pool maintenance is not just for good look. It can increase the safety of the pool and increase your property value too!