What To Look for When Buying a New House

You’ve got your budget ready and have done your online research. The next step of house hunting is visiting the houses you have shortlisted. Actual visits, rather than just online browsing helps you to see the house for yourself.

A house inspection is not about seeing if you like the interior designs or the architectural style. This is your chance to take a good look at the house to see if it really is worth the selling price. Here are some of the things other than the aesthetics that you need to inspect when you are visiting.

Size of the House

Online pictures can be really eye-catching. Most sellers put up the best photos of the house. But even with the details and the pictures provided, it is difficult to imagine the real size by looking at internet images. So, when you visit, pay attention to the size of the house: the size of each room and bathrooms.

If you have a large family, you might require a large house. If you have a small family, sometimes big houses can be too much.  When inspecting, imagine yourself in the house. Does it have enough space for children or pets? Can you move all your belongings without cramping it? Keep these questions in mind when inspecting.

Garden/ Yard

One of the defining features of a house is its yard. Your requirements for the yard may differ due to many reasons. If you love gardening or is planning to start, a slightly large garden where you can have a variety of plants might be your ideal garden. But if you are busy to maintain largegardens or simply don’t like gardening, then a small yard will match your lifestyle more.

In addition to your gardening preferences, think of other landscaping features you like to see. Features such as built-in-grills, patios, ponds, pools etc. are there in some yards. If you like to see these features, then check if the house has them. If not, remember to look for yard that has enough space to add them.


Features such as the roof, foundation and siding are some of the most important parts of a house. If any of these needs repairing, they would cost you a lot in addition to the cost of the house. This is why it is necessary to look for any damages or leaks in the roof, cracks in the walls, jamming doors and windows, peeling paint, decaying wood etc.

These features are sometimes the hardest to spot but are also the ones that can do the worst damage.  For better inspection of such features, you can contact a new home stage and building inspections in Melbourne. As experienced professionals they know exactly where and what to look for with attention to even the smallest detail.


Does your new house have adequate facilities? Do they work? What are the things you need to pay attention to or ask about when you are checking the utilities? This part of the inspection includes looking for any leaks in the plumbing in the bathroom and the kitchen, testing the faucets and the flush system, checking the heating and the cooling system, and checking the electricity supply. Checking these helps to identify potential future repairs, bargain the house value and ensure safety of the inhabitants.

It’s easy to get distracted with just the style when the house matches your dream home. But remember to check these areas so that you can move in without extra expenses or stress.